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Black-chested buzzard eagle
El Dorado
The white horse
Resting in the edge
The peak of the white king
New moon
Full moon
Local predator
Searching for new territories
Afternoon on the white tiger's valley
Resting in the hidden valley
Wild territory
An elephant too close
Elephant close up
A quiet afternoon
On the way to Jose Ignacio
The emerald jungle
The kingdom of the good tiger
Wild river
The cliff of the cougar
The jaguar embush
Mountain lions
Three zebras
Red fox
Enchanted lagoon
The lioness and her cub

1 - 2

This reproductions are printed on canvas ( from the original painting ) in extremely hight cuality.
The result is a piece very similar to the original, with the same texture and colors, and more economic than the original. It can be framed.

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